Pop-Ups Tent


Pop-Up Tents are designed for fast, small space coverage.

Features & Benefits:

  • Literally “pop-up” in minutes and create coverage when and where it’s required.
  • Available for rent in a 10’x10’ size, Apex offers these for customer pick-up.
  • Cost effective and simple, the Pop-Up tent makes for great coverage solution for many small, short term events.

Size & Style:

  • Rental units available in 10×10.
  • Rental units in standard white with limited colored options in red, blue, green, yellow and black.
  • Optional side walls available for rental units in solid white, white with zippered door or with mesh window.
  • Telescoping leg provide maximum height of 8′ to eave (7′ to valance fabric).
  • Available for Purchase in 8×8, 10×10, 10×15, 10×20.
  • Custom fabric available for purchase including full corporate branding or tops and side walls
  • For purchase, side walls options include solid, window, 1/2 wall, zippered doors, mesh or custom print.

Suggested Uses:

  • Common applications include vendor booths, market tents, sampling covers, and community sporting events.
  • Fantasic as a tool for corporate branding – Apex can provide options for custom printing the tops and walls with your logo or brand message.

Specialized Accessories:

  • Side Walls options for rent or purchase
  • Anchoring with ground pegs, sandbags, or available rubber weights (purchase only).
  • Add flags to raise your brand message even higher!
  • Simple lighting available for night-time events.