Maxi Frame Tents

Maxi Frame Tents

The Maxi Tent is the most versatile of our tent systems – offering a broad range of widths, fabric, and style

Features & Benefits:

  • Available in width profiles from 6’ – 50’ and expandable length providing a size configuration for almost any event.
  • Choice of sloping hip ends for a traditional, cozy space or flat gable ends for a contemporary, spacious feel.
  • No internal legs – 100% usable space.
  • Standard leg heights of 8′ and 10′ with custom options available.
  • Strong, pre-engineered design – ideal for venues where wind and weather could otherwise effect the success of the event.

Size & Style:

Marquee Tents are available in the following sizes:

  • Available in widths of 6, 8, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 and 50 feet.
  • Choose from HIP or GABLE ends. (picture)
  • Expandable length to meet your needs.
  • Roof fabric in white, clear w/ white trim or clear w/ black trim
  • Install with open front gable for stage covers

Available with white top or with skylight effect. Limited Black top/ Black Skylight.

Suggested Applications:

  • Great for weddings; offers choice of sizes, styles and finishings to taylor to the couples vision and requirements.
  • Great for corporate dinners or receptions with versatility to adapt to size of group and intended use.
  • A good solution for stage covers – for both small community stages or larger concert roofs.
  • Graduation ceremonies, tradeshows, sales centers, community celebrations, art shows and private events – the Maxi tent is a great fit for numerous events.
  • Smaller widths work well as walkway covers or extended booth covers.

Accessorize to fit:

Add the accessoies that best fit your vision and event – choose from:

  • Side Walls in white or black, with or without windows and doors
  • Light your tents for mood or effect. Check your lighting options.
  • Need flooring ? Ready to dance?
  • Rasing your speakers or band? Need staging?
  • Dress it up – leg drapes finish things in style.
  • High end event? Available glass doors and glass side wall will set your event apart.
  • Heat things up – year round heater options.
  • Banners/ Signage? Flags? Check out available rigging solutions.

Maxi Tent with HIP END

Maxi tent with clear roof and GABLE END

Clear roof with black trim – contemporary & modern

Bright, clear roof – maximize your views and Wow your guests

Chill out tent for summer wedding

Maxi Tent with GABLE END