Marquee Tents

Marquee Tents

Features & Benefits:

  • Distinguished by their high-peaked design.
  • Standard side legs – 8’ or 10’ – custom heights available
  • Standard fabric – white with limited black available.
  • Skylight tops available to brighten your space – also provides unique up-light effect at night.
  • Light weight and easy to assemble, fewer pieces than other styles

Size & Style:

Marquee Tents are available in the following sizes:


Available with white top or with skylight effect. Limited Black top/ Black Skylight.

Suggested Applications:

  • Ideal as stand-alone tents for back yard parties, patio covers, festival booths, catering tents
  • Joined and guttered they work well as dramatic entryway covers or extended patio tenting
  • Can be joined to larger frame tents as auxiliary tent space including coat check, buffet space, green room, catering tents. Offer visual contrast to frame tent which adds unique look to projects.
  • Fewer parts, lightweight construction and limited pipe length make these versatile for hard to access (spaces such as roof top patios with elevator access).

Accessorize to fit:

Add the accessoies that best fit your vision and event – choose from:

  • Side Walls in white or black, with or without windows and doors
  • Light your tents for mood or effect. Check your lighting options.
  • Need flooring ? Ready to dance?
  • Rasing your speakers or band? Need staging?
  • Dress it up – leg drapes finish things in style.
  • Heat things up – year round heater options.
  • Banners/ Signage? Flags? Check out available rigging solutions.

High peaked tops reach skyward

Skylight Marquee with leg drapes

Cluster, mix & match for festive look

Black Skylight Marquee

Small Marquees for simple, stylish coverage

Roadside service – Valets are covered in style