Clear Span Structures

Clear Span Structures

Clear Span Structure is the solution for events that need BIG space.

Features & Benefits:

  • Available in 20, 25 or 30m wide (66’/82.5’/100’), the Clear Span is modular and can be expanded to meet the clients plan
  • No internal leg – 100% usable footprint
  • 4m side leg provides create open, airy feel
  • Structural design offers strength, making it a great solution for events with extensive rigging requirements.

Size & Style:

  • Local inventory in width profiles of 20m, 25m and 30m wide.
  • Expand in 5m lengths
  • Standard leg height of 4m
  • Gable end (A-frame) design/li>
  • White fabric standard for roof and gables
  • Side walls in white, window and clear

Suggested Applications:

  • Used for conventions, corporate dinners & receptions, concerts, theater, trade shows, beer halls, casinos and sporting events.
  • Great for long term installations including warehousing and industrial covers where strength and durability are paramount.

Accessorize to fit:

Add the accessoies that best fit your vision and event – choose from: