Par 38, Par Can Fixture

For use in marquee and maxi frame tents, these light fixtures are a great way to add atmosphere or to soften the light to create ambiance.

  • Provide reflective non-direct up lighting (usually aimed at the ceiling)
  • Fixture housing allows for addition of colored gels (various colors available)
  • 120 watt halogen flood
  • 12 units can be connected to a single 15 amp circuit
  • Equipped with c-clamp design for easy installation

Metal Haloid Stadium Flood

For use in maxi frame and clearspan tents, these light fixtures are designed for broad coverage, economical lighting.

  • Each fixture can light up to 900 sqft
  • Basic non decorative fixture – 400 watts
  • Usually installed along ridge line of tent

Exit/ Emergency Lights

For use in larger maxi frame and clearspan tents, these provide lit EXIT signage for large events.

  • Once hooked in to a power supply the internal battery pack charges.
  • In the event of a power failure the emergency lights come on, providing adequate lighting to direct your guests to safety via the designated exits.

Work Lights

For use in marquee and smaller maxi frame tents, these lights are designed to provide coverage in areas requiring a basic non decorative light source.

  • Provide minimal coverage, economical lighting
  • 60 watts with 30ft cord
  • Equipped with hook on bulb cage for easy installation