Patio Heater

For use in any tent style where localized heat is required.

  • Provides radiant heat for approximately 10ft radius from unit
  • Propane fueled – one 20lb tank provides approximately 5-6 hours on full burn
  • Excellent for outdoor areas requiring heat
  • Fire regulations require at least 40% of the sides are open to provide adequate ventilation

Forced Air Heater

For use in any tent style requiring a consistent warm air temperature.

  • Single heater provides heat for up to 1600 sqft
  • Installed on the exterior of the tent allowing efficient use of space inside
  • Heat regulated by thermostat for controlled temperature
  • Larger spaces can use multiple units to provide adequate coverage
  • Fueled by propane and electricity (one 100lb propane tank provides approximately 8 hours on full burn, and each heater requires a dedicated 15 amp circuit)
  • Most efficient when tent is fully walled
  • 80,000 and 170,000 BTU units available