Hard Wall System

Hard Wall System

As an alternative to our fabric walls our hard wall system provides a more permanent, finished look to your tent.

Hard Wall System for Maxi Frame Tents

The hard wall system for our Maxi Frame Tents is available in either glass panel or solid panel design. Using this sytem, the space no longer feels like a tent and provides a level of finish suitable for corporate suites, high end events or longer term facility installations.

  • Glass wall is tempered safety glass
  • Solid wall is a light grey, acrylic panel
  • Vertical panels, 10ft high
  • Top and bottom channel for clean fit
  • Aluminum frame matches tent components

Hard Wall System for Clear Span Structures

Glass Wall

The Glass Wall system for our clear span structures allows for maximized views, lots of natural light and a high end, building like finish for your event.

  • Vertical panels, 1.25m wide x 4m tall
  • Tempered safety glass
  • Aluminum frame matches structure components

Insulated Hard Wall

The insulated hard wall provides a great solution for winter applications or long term installations requiring security, temperature control or simply a more building like finish.

  • 1 1/2″ Foam core with steel siding exterior
  • Engineered to provide R24 value
  • Horizontal Panels 1m tall x 5m wide
  • Male/ female edge creates weather tight seal when stacking
  • Side chanels at legs provide clean fit and finish
  • Basic white painted finish matches structure fabric