Tenting your next event

Your next tented event might be about “taking it to the next level” or working to create something “outside of the box”. Or you might simply want to keep things the same, make it a bit easier or save a few dollars. Whatever your vision and needs may be, we’re here to help – with ideas, suggestions and solutions.

We’ve listed a few of the common requests we hear from our clients and some of the solutions we’ve been able to offer. We hope these provide useful suggestions but we always happy to discuss your next event and how Apex can assist.

For my next tented event…

I’d like to Save Money

Everyone wants a good deal but let’s face it – current economic times have made stretching budgets a necessity for many events. Tent and infrastructure costs can often be a major part of the dollars spent but there are ways to save on costs that we can assist with.

  • Like booking flights or renting a car, there are busy periods in events where the immediate needs of clients provide little room for discounting. Often the easiest way for a client to negotiate a discount is provide a flexible schedule for delivery and installation. If we can fit your project around busy periods by setting it up early or taking down on a quieter day, then this means more efficient use of crew for us and a better price for you.
  • If your on a tight budget – tell us! When we assist clients to plan the best fit for their event, there are always options to make economic use of space. Setting tables for dinner or the buffet area on the dance floor means less overall space is needed. Seating 10 to a table instead of 8 saves space and creates a fun, family feel. Vendor booths of 8×8 versus 10×10 means more vendors in a trade show and improves offering while lowering costs. Regardless of the type of event, we can help make the best use of space to fit your budget.
  • Consider your venue – the easier it is for suppliers to work there the lower your costs. Some venues have restrictive times for load-in and load-out or they may require extensive labour to get gear from truck to your event space. These considerations can significantly affect labour costs which eventually end up in the costs of your rental. Please ask if you need a venue evaluation.
  • Book early! We are happy to offer a discount to clients who plan well in advance.

Got a lower quote from a competitor? Share it with us – if we can match or beat it we will. If not – we’ll explain exactly why not. No matter what, we strive to provide the best value to our clients without sacrificing safety for price or compromising the success of your event.

For my next tented event…

I want something Different.

For some of our clients, there is a constant need to reinvent each event, keep it fresh and surprise the guests. So how can Apex help?.

  • We offer many different styles of tents and structures, in varying sizes, each with a choice of finish and accessories. No two events need to look the same – even if the space needs haven’t changed.
  • Our service team always looks to answer two questions; “What is the space being used for?” (utility) and, “How do you want is to look and feel?” By approaching your event needs in this way, we can ensure that the tent environment really complements and supports the goals of the event.
  • Our products are versatile and we’ve invested in unique options to solve client’s requests. From custom joiners and gable connectors to fabric choices and custom design services, Apex has what you need to create a new look for your event. Click here to see examples of how our tents are different.

After literally thousands of events, the Apex team has the experience to help with new ideas or create ways to cover your guests. Call today or contact us to talk about your event vision.

For my next tented event…

I’m want it Upscale

Tenting redefined; how do we make a tent feel like something other than a tent?

  • We start by providing tents that are always clean, installed by professionals who focus on the details. Straight stake lines, no hanging straps, velcro seams neatly mated; your Apex crew will make your basic tent look it’s very best.
  • Accessorize… Just like the rest of us, a tent needs to get dressed up for a real night on the town. We offer elegant touches including tent draping for the legs and ceiling as well as lighting options to set mood and accents. Add flooring, carpet and heat/ cooling to provide guest comfort they might not expect in a tent.
  • Want more of a real building feel – Apex has options for glass wall and real glass doors that transform your event space. Your guest experience will be like no other tent they remember!

For my next tented event…

I want it Custom

Custom you say? We do that.

  • Need your tent to be a brand statement? Add logos, images or colored fabrics to any tent system.
  • Specific size needed for a challenging venue? We can custom design,engineer, fabricate and install for both short term and permanent structure requirements.
  • Hanging lights? Cameras? Acrobats? Our tents have been used for so many different applications we can always find a way to meet your needs.
  • Custom solutions available for both rental and sales inquiries. Let’s talk about how we can make it possible.

For my next tented event…

I want it Turnkey

  • Planning an event in Vancouver but need multiple event suppliers? Apex can connect you with our industry leading event partners to simply your search. Alternatively, we offer supplier management services, sourcing quotes on your behalf, coordinating on-site schedules and ensuring successful delivery of services for your event. For referrals, call us or visit our listing of Event Partners. For supplier management, please call to discuss costs and how we can bring the best team to the table.
  • For Venues we offer turnkey event spaces for repetitive use, long term rental or purchase. Our solutions depend on your need – from simple coverage to enclosed and climate controlled event space. We’re also always looking for opportunities to partner on seasonal event spaces; please let us know if you have a event space needing a unique tented solution.

For my next tented event…

I want it Serviced

New to Apex? Discover why so many of our clients have been with us so long. We aim to become a partner to your event and work from initial inquiry to really understand your event needs. We provide clear paperwork that includes what you need – without any hidden charges or post event billing surprises. Our event team is experienced, knowledgable and friendly. Your success is our success so we welcome the opportunity to be of service.

Beyond our everyday approach, Apex is pleased to offer the following additional services to assist in your event planning and execution.

  • Site visits and venue evaluations
  • Optional on-site staff during event times to deals with walls, lighting and heat systems; general technical event assistance – we can help with that too.
  • Tent layouts and venue drawings
  • Off hour delivery or installation services, including holidays and weekends.

For my next tented event…

I want it Serviced

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