Tenting your first event

Planning your first event can be fun. It can also be overwhelming as you try to understand and organize all the little details that will make your event one to remember – for the right reasons!

So where do you start when considering a tented event? Call the team at Apex Tents!

We spend the time to understand your wants and needs and answer any questions you have. We’ve helped hundreds of clients make their outdoor event plans real – now we welcome the opportunity to help you!

Tips to help plan your First Tented Event

  1. Plan Early!

    Summer weekends are a busy time for venues, planner and rental suppliers like Apex. To ensure that you get the tent you want and need, try and secure your rentals by early spring. It takes the worry out of the process and you can still make changes as your event plan becomes clear.

  2. Know your Vision

    So you know you want your event tented but consider why? Tents allow your event to take place in a venue of significance, regardless of whether it has the facilities to accomodate your group. Sometimes you need a tent for shelter alone and protection from the elements. Or your event might be more than a simple backyard BBQ and you’d like a space that helps to create the right mood for the event – tents can do that too. Consider how you want the space to look and feel; if you can describe it, we can likely help you create it.

  3. Plan your Space

    How will the event utilize the tented space? A big part of making a tented event feel right is to ensure the tent is not too small or too big. We’re always shooting for “just right”. The following space planner will help you to determine an approximate square foot space requirement for your event.This will give you some idea what sized tent might be right for you.

          Download Size Basics 2012 now and start planning your space needs!

  1. Choose your venue

    Some clients just know where they want to have their event… the backyard, a favorite beach or just a local venue they enjoy. If you know your venue, congratulations. If you don’t, consider exploring our list of Great Outdoor Venues throughout the Lower Mainland that provide space for your tented event.

  2. Choose your Suppliers Wisely

    As in all industries, event suppliers come in a wide range of quality, professionalism and price-points. How do you choose a great supplier? Ask other couples who they’ve used, get referrals from other vendors, evaluate how they deal with you on the phone and in their communication. It’s always good to visit your supplier’s place of business – are they a one-man show or do they have the resources to make sure your event goes smoothly, even on a busy weekend? How long have they been around? From florists to photographers, tenting to dj’s, remember that the lowest dollar price isn’t always the lowest cost!

Why Apex Tents is the right choice for your tented event?

We care. Our event specialists are trained to ask the right questions to fully understand your vision and requirements. Focusing on the details allows us to provide more than just a price – we provide unique solutions that fit your event.

  • Friendly, well trained staff ready to assist you – every step of the way
  • We provide fair, transparent quotation with itemized pricing
  • You tent will be CLEAN – we hand wipe and clean our tents after every use
  • Interior drapes, side wall, flooring, heat, stage and lighting (Comfort, style, utility)
  • Work with you to ensure best value and use of budget
  • Site surveys, appointments at shop
  • Optional layouts (cost involved)
  • Referrals to other suppliers

What now?

  • Call us today & Lets Talk! We’re always happy to help.
  • Need more ideas? Visit our Gallery for inspiration